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July 6, 2016 - The Port Hope Area Initiative hosted a groundbreaking ceremony at the long-term, low-level radioactive waste management facility in Port Hope. The ceremony celebrated the start of construction of the first cell of the engineered mound (landfill) where the historic waste in Port Hope will be stored for the long-term. This is significant because once the first cell is ready, the cleanup of waste in Port Hope will begin. Speeches were delivered by MP Kim Rudd, Mayor Sanderson, Paul Hunt of ECC/Quantum Murray and others. 


July 2016 - UPDATE: The contract to complete all remaining campaigns of the Port Hope Property Radiological Survey has been awarded to ARCADIS. This will include surveying over 2,000 properties over three campaigns. Includes radon monitoring, interior gamma surveys and borehole drilling. Properties where the presence of waste is NOT detected will receive a compliance letter; for the approximately 10% where waste is detected, those properties will be cleaned up at no cost to the home owner once the mound is ready to receive waste.   




November 18, 2015 we hosted a breakfast event. Click the link to view the PHAI slideshow presentation made at the event.  SLIDESHOW from Nov 18 2015 Contractor's Breakfast 



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The Port Hope Area Initiative Management Office have released two newsletters, one for Port Granby and one for Port Hope. Click the photo below to read the newsletter:

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